Car wheel material summary

Wheel Hub, Wheel Hub, Wheel Hub, Wheel Hub, Cylindrical metal parts for supporting a tire in a car tire. Ordinarily, a part for mounting an axle in a wheel center is a brake drum connected to a brake disc The important parts of the disc and axle.

Steel wheels

The main advantage of steel wheels is the simple manufacturing process (casting process is generally used), the cost is relatively low, anti-metal fatigue ability. However, the shortcomings of the steel hub is relatively prominent is that the appearance of ugliness, weight, inertial resistance, heat dissipation is relatively poor, and very easy to rust.
Involved materials: carbon steel, ductile iron

Alloy wheels

Aluminum alloy wheels and more aluminum as the basic material, appropriate by adding manganese, magnesium, chromium, titanium and other metal elements made. Its advantages are light weight, high manufacturing precision, high strength, low inertial resistance, strong heat dissipation and good visual effects. The disadvantage is that the manufacturing process is complicated and the cost is high.
Materials involved: Aluminum alloy A356.20

Magnesium alloy wheels

Magnesium alloy is a metal material that has received widespread attention in the fields of automobiles and electronic products in recent years and is the lightest structural material currently used. Due to its light weight (specific gravity of 1.74 g / cm3), good mechanical properties, it has been used in batches in the field of vehicles and electronics.
Materials involved: Magnesium alloy

Carbon fiber composite wheels

Composites are materials with strong vitality that emerge from the development of modern science and technology. Due to its special vibration damping characteristics, the composite material can reduce vibration and noise, has good anti-fatigue performance, is easy to be repaired after the damage, and is convenient for overall forming. Therefore, the composite material can be used for manufacturing automobile bodies, force members, transmission shafts, member.
Materials involved: Carbon fiber composite materials


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